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 Taking care of your property, transforming your yard and respecting your needs are principles that Your Hinterland Inc. takes very seriously. We are a locally owned and operated company that understands the importance of providing services at a level that far exceeds our customers' expectations. Consequently, choosing us over another company will guarantee your peace of mind - and lead to your satisfaction and great results.

  • Proud provider of residential & commercial lawn care services since 2015
  • We are Licensed & Insured
  • We are covered by WCB
  • Nous sommes bilingue et pouvons vous servire dans la langue officielle de votre choix



 " Best lawn care provider in Morinville and surrounding area..."

We successfully maintained many yards over the last few years - and it is now time for you to think about yours. Your front and backyard is something that needs constant care during the growing season in order to remain gorgeous and healthy.   

Your Hinterland can provide a boost to your lawn in the Spring by completing a tedious clean-up. Upon completion, after being power raked and aerated your lawn will have better access to water and nutrients leaving it in the best shape to grow throughout the rest of the season. 

Further, throughout Spring and Summer, Your Hinterland Inc. can provide you with a solid lawn maintenance program (mow & trim) that will make your neighbours jealous - a new pattern every week, clean edges trimmed weekly - a clear cut at a length personalized to your preference - and an email sent weekly to inform you when we intend to mow your lawn. 

  Finally the Fall season. No worries, don't spend hours raking your yard - just call Your Hinterland Inc. and we will blow and vacuum your leaves with our new equipment - it won't take that long and your yard will be ready for the winter.

  • Yard Maintenance
  • Spring Clean-up
  • Fall Clean-up
  • Lawn Edging
  • Tree & Shrub Trimming



"Best residential & commercial window cleaning  service in Sturgeon County - Traditional methods & newest technology..."

We all acknowledge that washing windows can be very time consuming and precarious these days - especially with high architectural  infrastructures. Thus, considering factors such as the loss of valuable time and the risk of exposing yourself to regrettable accidents while trying to reach higher levels on your house, it might be a good decision on your part to contact a professional whom will take care of your windows. It is so easy! By contacting Your Hinterland Inc. a professional will systematically assess your requirements, discuss with you and provide you with a fair and competitive quote.


Your Hinterland Inc. can use traditional methods (e.g., microfibers, squeegees, scrapers, etc) and the latest technology in the window cleaning industry. In fact, Your Hinterland Inc. cleans outside windows with a Water Deionization System (DI) - a water system that transforms your tap water into Pure H2O - leaving no residue or dry minerals on the surface of your windows (see our videos below). 

But how does this technology work? To explain, Your Hinterland Inc. brings the Water Deionization System to your property, connects the DI to your outside source of water and uses new and reliable equipment - such as extendable Water Fed Poles - to clean all your windows around your house. Once all the work is completed, your house will be embellished by spotless and shiny windows. 

  It is guaranteed, the high degree of professionalism, cleanliness and courtesy of our team will surpass your expectations. Contact Your Hinterland Inc. now and  enjoy the view of Morinville through your clean windows.

  • Pro Window Cleaning